Who is ANNE?

During the many conversations had with MrSkatmanne it became pretty obvious to me he is not your average yogi bear, his way of thinking for ways to work with BitCoin are quite unique.

The one area we gelled on is identity, how people have numerous identities in relation to different environments – this I learned from Landmark Education, having talked about messed up chaotic worlds, that’s an experience I’ll be writing about as well. The BitCoin scene can get quite boy-ish, a lot of the apps released are shotgunny, knock-em-dead, remakes of what already exists… a pay-per-twetch onchain version of twitter, youtube competitor where creators are paid per view, podcasting and book publishing sites, a one stop payment system, a promotion marketplace, numerous wallets competing with each other to transfer funds to and from accounts, and there was a fiverr equivalent… all great additions to the space, however entry to BitCoin adds an extra layer of difficulty in introducing people to a completely different behavioural paradigm.

ANNE is quite different to what already exists, she gives people the controls to their/our data so we can each distribute our information where and how we see fit. The way we introduce her has to be quite different as well, from a different paradigm.

This could be a little technical, and has to be said, she uses BitCoin(SV) addresses for transactions which enables people to send and receive microtransActions for activity between peers, without third party intervention. Even though these transactions are tiny – up to 0.00000001 cent, this means there are contracts in place, and with contracts in place that stops spam and provides documentation of ownership for legal recourse in the instant something goes haywire.

alpha testing 13 March 2019

She’s like a one source data centre for each individual. For some people it might not be a problem, for me, I get extremely frustrated locating my files on a multitude of different sites, emails with one platform – searching searching searching different words to find the one I need when I need it, file storage on another, graphics with a few different platforms and sites because they’re all so different and very few do exactly what I need, some proprietary, others open source and all these platforms constantly ‘updating’, or changing their terms and conditions as it suits them…. or terminating them when they die out. Then there’s storage, backups, hardware, fluff in keyboards… the way I see it, the internet has become a job, as far as efficiency is concerned it’s become quite time consuming and can be a web of pure frustration.

Those Bitcoin apps mentioned in the second paragraph are merely doing more of the same, to make life even more complicated!

This Awareness Neural Network Explorer behaves like a brain and connects data as and when it’s needed by the end user – ANNE won’t be replacing all the common systems most people use every day, she simply gives the end user one touch controls to find their information easily. We each become the architects for our personal data flow. Not everybody thinks the same, not everybody organises their information the same way and many of the systems we have now force us into using it the way the developer thinks. To work out how to find things means to work out how the developer’s brain functions… and often times that’s very different to the end user, making the process unnatural, it means we have to conform to their unusual ways.

As do I, my friends work seasonally, some have family commitments, some don’t, some travel, some don’t, some study, some have their own business, others are employed… with each of them I have different relationships because our dynamics are different. I have different agreements with each of them, and I want to be able to extend how I fit into each of their lives, and get a glimpse of how they fit into mine – that’s what ANNE offers, she gives people a glimpse into each others’ worlds, all based on permissions. Unlike with what we’ve got today, we’ll each get to set our own boundaries for the information we share, and receive from the vast range of sources coming at us in today’s world.

With peer-to-peer connectivity we can each adapt our unique circumstances into each other’s busy lifestyles. I live seasonally, in Winter I’m not as active in as I am in Summer, I use this time to reflect and nurture my ideas… giving myself time to think, meditate, and practice a lot of Feldenkrais. I behave differently each quarter and I want to use a system that enhances my lifestyle, not forces me to fit into a system that’s foreign to me…. that’s more of the same, adapting into yet another clunky artificial environment, and it’s far from intelligent.

MrSkatmanne has worked with Artificial Intelligence, he saw the direction that industry is headed and it concerned him, who wants more artificiality in their lives? It caused him to start thinking for ways to use that intelligence to empower people. When he wrote a blog (insert here) detailing how he was thinking…. I remember reading it, nodding my head and saying yes a lot… that’s when something in my brain clicked (or as he says, a neuron sparked) and I started asking more detailed questions about what he was up to.

Measuring Emotional Intelligence. YES!

it’s possible to see how each slice of the pie is divided into a range of individual feelz

In this world based on feelings, driven by lunatics pulling emotional strings to have people react against each other, it makes sense to me for people to be able to measure those feelings, or, #feelz as ANNE calls them. If each of us could see how we were feeling in relation to specific events and be able to see our patterns, then, it begs the question… *could* that data provide us with some power around making changes? Stop people stepping into the same traps?

To give me an example of how he was thinking, MrS let me in to Movie Mensa, an app that draws data from TheMovieDataBase (TMDB), and I started testing my feelz on movies, actors, the characters they play, music scores, costumes, directors, producers, even make up artists, production companies, even locations! Then I started to collate those feelz and see which movies I felt content, disappointed, happy, educated, angry about. With over 100 different feelz to choose from I took my time and thought back on my all time favourite big screen events and sat for hours going through memory lane. Some movies I found disturbing…

others made me laugh, and cry:

With actors, in some movies I am totally on their side, and others I’m left scratching my head:

Imagine my delight when I realised ANNE let me share my feelz for my local politician. If I couldn’t vote at my local electorate at least I could let future generations know via a time chain how I felt about Melbourne, Australia being locked down:

When a famous Australian actor moved into the apartment next to me and started screaming at his daughter regularly I was able to share my feelz about him too, and that felt good.

notice your feelz as you look at this image:
algorithm matching… imagine, for recruitment and dating services.

Her algorithm then weighs out what people would like based on those feelz, in this instance it’s movies. With ANNE people will be able to leave their feelings for an ongoing variety of experiences… restaurants, books, music, concerts, products, services, blogs, online clips… whatever people want to share their feelz with. As profiles are built, then, provided permission is given and ANNE can match data to compare and make recommendations.

ANNE (literally) pays people to be honest with their feelings, that way her algorithm can best connect people… anybody trying to trick the system is only tricking themselves, they’ll get dud feedback. With a reward system in place, businesses will be able to connect with clients who give their services honest ratings, and provide an incentive for return visits, with friends… *if* they’re interested in bringing in more people and themselves building solid profiles of excellence.

So, who is ANNE?
She’s you,
she’s me,
she’s our neighbours,
our dentists,
delivery drivers,

she breathes life in to MY personal data.