Emotional Intelligence,
measures resilience and an ability to connect with other people

and products, and circumstances, events, services
humans have an emotional connection with words, and things.

 Companies spend millions of dollars each year
to develop a relationship with their customers,
find out how people “feel” about the products and services they are selling.

When businesses can “reach” their customers,
build relationships, then trust is built
connections are made.

From trust, businesses can extend that reach into the small worlds built by their customers.

The data, what happens with the data?
Companies keep it
and store it, and protect it, invest in analysing for what is relevant to their business.
Mountains of data are collated by each company
in an attempt to predict patterns
from information based on the past.

Imagine a different way.
Imagine when each person owns their data,
and companies buy information relevant from people who are willing to onsell.

As life happens, when decisions are made.

That’s ANNE.

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These video’s are here to give people
unfamiliar with Emotional Intelligence
a sense of why it’s important. 

Very often it’s easy to see
the emotional intelligence of others,
displays of upset, confusion, happiness…

… it can be difficult to manage our own.
Especially without the data.
ANNE changes that.


Imagine being able to evaluate your moods,
see where you react irrationally,
and make necessary changes.

ANNE collates your feelz
toward a variety of subjects
and collates them, graphically.

She’s for the people
that want to unravel mysteries,
see why certain patterns continue to occur.